Special Services

BCH offers specialized services based on the needs of our patients because our community comes first.

Special Services Include:

Sitter Program
Our sitter program was developed to help decrease the incidence of falls. Patients who are at risk for falls because of age, medication, disease, drugs, history of fall, or weakness are placed on fall precautions, and if needed are provided with a 1:1 sitter. Our specially trained sitters provide 1:1 care for our fall risk patients. They assist the patient with walking and toileting as well as eating. They are available in the room with the patient at all times to protect the safety of the patient.

Discharge Planner
Our discharge planner begins at admission and works with the patient and the family to evaluate the discharge needs of the patient. The discharge planner works closely with the area nursing homes and local home health agencies to help with rehabilitation and home care needs.

Child Life Program
We pride ourselves in patient care and family support. We work closely with Barnwell Pediatrics in caring for our children.

Our Child Life Program provides gifts and entertainment for children while they are hospitalized.